Thursday, April 18, 2024

When you live in a small town, you think you are safe...

 Russian hackers caused Muleshoe water tank to overflow

Muleshoe Texas is a small town in the south plains of northern Texas. Population is less than 6000 people. The actor Lee Horsley was born there.

Why would russia russia russia do a cyberattack there? And was it big enough to be a cyberattack?

At the same time, two other communities in the south plains had some problems.

Lockney officials noted "suspicious activity" in their water plant computer system. Population about 1500.

HaleCenter Texas said someone tried to hack their cities "firewall". Population about 2000.

I was born in HaleCenter. I grew up in Lockney and graduated high school there in 1970.

What if these attacks are just practice. Maybe they are practicing so they can co-ordinate simultaneous attacks on the grid, water, and others at the same time the illegal alien army of about 12 million attacks.

Here is a link to a chinese attack last year: Chinese hackers targeted Texas power grid, Hawaii water utility, other critical infrastructure


  1. Sure...foreign hackers...LOL

  2. Might be foreign hackers practicing. More likely it's bored overachieving under disciplined kids. Either way most systems
    are woefully bad at keeping cyber networks secure.