Monday, April 22, 2024

This is an interesting little party trick.



  1. It's not interesting. Almost all people round off their shoe size to a whole number. Adding two zeroes (multiplying it by a hundred) simply appends two zeros to the number, which are then filled by calculating your age. This year minus the year you were born is your age, which in almost all cases will be less than 100. Insert that number into the two zeroes by adding it, and you have simply replaced the zeroes with your age. This "trick" will not work if your shoe size is not a whole number (e.g. 11.5 instead of 11) or if you are over 100 years old.

    Let's say I was born in 1970. My age is 2024-1970 = 54.
    Let's say my shoe size is 11.

    1100 - 1970 + 2024 = 1154 -- It "works"

    Lets' say my shoe size is 11 1/2
    1150-1970+2024 = 1204 oops.

    Let's say I was born in 1922, and am 102 years old, with an 11 shoe size:
    1100--1922+2024 = 1202 oops.

  2. I always like this one
    think of a number (make it easy on your self), but it doesn't really matter what number you choose, the answer is always the same
    multiply by 2
    add 6
    divide by 2
    subtract your original number
    the answer is always 3