Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Who is John Mellencamp?

 "Show Is Over": Angry Biden Supporter John Mellencamp Throws Tantrum On Stage

I had to look up who this was, as I have not heard of him before.

Watched pieces of youtube videos of his music, and I must say, he isn't very good. Not my type of music at all.

Anyway, I guess he likes to interject politics in his shows. And one fan had enough and asked him to just sing.

This guy didn't like that at all. He became a massive crybaby.


  1. Just another nimrod 4 decades past his prime desperately seeking relevance

  2. Damn, what as asshole. Play the music YOU WERE PAID TO PLAY and keep your personal opinions to yourself. We all get opinions for free.


  3. Mellencamp is washed up 70s singer with the same mini-mind set as another douchebag Springsteen

  4. What bogside bunny said...
    just another redneck liberal crying about not getting what he wanted bwaaaaaa...as bad as that dick Robert deNiro