Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Rant for Today

 Some of the more sane states are finally reopening. About time isn't it?

I don't exactly know what i am trying to get across in this post.

An election was stolen in november, the entire country has been locked down, covid has an almost 100% chance of you not dying from it.  And yes i know it is a very bad disease. What disease isn't very bad? And yes i know hospitals have been overloaded(supposedly). 

But what happened to the flu, and the common cold. Supposedly the occurences of those went down because of masking, washing your hands, sanitizing, staying at home, lockdowns, etc. Bullshit. Why didn't covid go down because of that? Answer, everyone is being diagnosed with covid who had common flu or cold.

Stolen election. The courts are not hearing the cases because of lack of standing. Bullshit. EVERY citizen has standing in this. If the PRESIDENT doesn't have standing then who the fuck does?

Election offices are throwing out court cases in Michigan.Antrim County Clerk Dismisses Election Fraud Case How the hell does she have the authority to do that? She doesn't the court reinstated it.

Big tech is censoring conservatives right and left.Poll: Majority of voters believe Big Tech censored political views they 'don't like' Who in government is standing up and stopping that. No one. Why in the hell do we have government anymore? Better off just everyone fighting their own battles and kicking their neighbors ass when they have a dispute. Government should help control the chaos of traffic, maybe the chaos of sanitation. Not a lot more government needs to do for us.

Lets disband all government, including police, but expecially all elected representatives and senators. They don't live under the same laws we do anyway. Screw them, let them suffer the consequences of their actions for a change instead of us.

As i said i don't know what i wish to get across today, i am simply irritated about everything right now. Especially my retirement. 

March 31 is my last full day at work. But. I let the sunzabitches talk me into working part time about 4 days a month. And right now my panties are twisted up tight and getting tighter. Problem is they don't have a replacement for me, and i don't want my customers to have problems because of that. So. My fault for wanting a "peaceful transition of power" kinda like when kammietoe will transition to pres. in place of short bus joe, isn't it.

Speaking of that, did you see where they cut shortbus joe's video feed when he said "i will take some questions now if that's what i am supposed to do?"

Well, thats all for now. I think i have whined enough to make a full barrel of whine. See you later.


  1. Fred, do you serve crackers and ham and salami slices with that too?

    1. I was thinking some of those and maybe cutup apples and cheddar cheese? About 3?

  2. You have nailed it. Because of how the federal election was rigged, stolen, fraudulent, whatever you want to call it, now other liberals in government are overstepping their boundaries because...they can, unless they are stopped.
    Like Congress...they will continue to railroad bullshit laws and bills and bailouts through until they are stopped. No one will do it because they think no one is above them.
    Good rant. I may do one of my own.

    1. Please do. I wish we could stir others besides ourselves and the readers to get involved.

  3. I agree 100% with your rant. You are spot on. Enjoy your part time retirement. You might like it! That being said, if they don't have a replacement for you, that is THEIR sack of rocks!!