Thursday, March 11, 2021

Hero Pay

Several Los Angeles Supermarkets Close Due To City-Ordered ‘Hero Pay’ Pay Bumps

 What the hell is wrong with our country? 

When I was a kid, EVERYONE i knew was going to grow up, get a job, marry, raise a family(with both a wife and a husband), buy your own house, and retire when the time was right. We didn't ask ANYONE to help us out, we just went out and did what we had to do. If someone fell on hard times, the whole community would go to bat for them. You might not like wearing hand me downs that some of your friends used to wear, but you were clothed in clothes without holes in them(unlike now). They fit, too, and didn't hang below your ass and show your butt.

The people of my time growing up all respected America. Until those fucking asshole hippies showed up. Then everything went to shit.

I blame the Beatles music group. They started the whole thing going downhill.

Fast forward to now. Thruout the years the idiot hippie leftists have touted helping out the downtrodden, they need minimum wage to make a living. Forget about many of the minimum wage people lose their jobs because of it, or prices go up to compensate.

And now we have hero pay. What is hero pay you ask? Beats the hell out of me. Apparently it is "extra pay" some cities are forcing INTO LAW that grocery stores are having to pay extra to their employees:Essential workers in grocery stores are putting their health at risk every day to make sure families can put food on the table and city leaders are stepping up to ensure they have the hazard pay they have earned,”

What about me? What about you? I am classified as an essential worker. Hell, who isn't classified that way. I see dozens of people weekly who i get exposed to who might give me The Covid. Why don't I get extra pay?


  1. My understanding of liberals continues to degrade the more I hear of the stupid shit from California. How could they possible think that increasing the minimum wage and forcing retailers to fork out "hero pay" without if affecting the retailers themselves?
    Apparently, that kind of thinking aligns with the Sleepy Joe admin which allows them to get more federal funds.
    Someone said recently that all this wage increase is a long term plan to drive all retailers out of business to make them dependent on federal monies...socialism.
    I know you're counting the days until you retire.
    MD Anderson Cancer Treatment center in Houston is one of the finest in the world. Consider GTFOOD, and move to Texas.
    Let California sink itself.

    1. I am originally from the panhandle of Texas. I wouldn't mind moving back there. But. I have been here for so long i am going to stay. I love this state. I don't love the politics. There are good people here, we just need to kill the democrats, then we will be okay.