Wednesday, March 3, 2021


My wife and i sitting at the table eating supper.  I start texting Number 2 grandson who is in Anchorage. He said it is negative 6 there.

Texting back and forth. My wife says ask him if he received his snack box yet. I look confused i guess cause she had to explain to me she had my daughter, his mom, order and send to him a box of snacks.

So i text and ask him that. And wait. And wait. So i leave the table and come back to my computer, watching a Scanner Danner youtube video on finding an open circuit in a car wiring harness.

About 20 minutes later he texts back and says the post office closes at 5, it is 5:30 his time, he will check tomorrow for it.

So i say okay. Yell at the wife, he said he would check for the box tomorrow.

She turns volume down on her ipad, What did you say? I yell at her again, he said he would check for the box tomorrow?

Her reply?  What box?

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