Monday, March 22, 2021


A lamp that we own, which belonged to my wifes mother, has had an issue with the switch that turns the light on. You have to play with the switch to get it in just the right position and hold it and maybe it will stay and maybe it won't. Anyway, to get it lit, i had to do more than ply it with liquor.

My wife has wanted me to fix it for a while. You know how it goes, i will get it fixed, you don't have to tell me every 6 months.

So, a floor lamp that we own went south. So I decided to scavenge the switch from that and replace the one that is bad in the other lamp,  which is a Stiffel lamp. Apparently those are nice lamps. What the heck would i know about that, i'm not nice. Well, the switch part of the bad lamp did not want to come off. In the process of disassembly i managed to break the thing. Come to find out, it is a turned brass assembly, damn thing is heavy for what it is.

Well crap, i thought. Tried to glue it together, but of course that doesn't work worth crap. I got it put together with the broken floor lamp switch assembly, but i wanted to fix it correctly. So i went on the internet and did a search, and damned if i didn't find the exact part i needed on amazon. For $24.00. For a lamp switch. 

Holy fudge bucket, 24 bucks for a goldarned switch assembly? Well, eff me runnin. But, i bit the bullett and ordered the thing. Here is a pic of it:

They said it was turned brass, and it's heavy enough i believe. I broke the threaded portion at the bottom of the old one. Wish me luck i don't break this one.


  1. 24 bucks to keep the wife happy? a bargain, and you'll be a hero to boot!