Monday, March 29, 2021

I Did a Stupid

 I did a stupid thing. I mowed the highly overgrown patch of grass that is my backyard saturday afternoon, and then i parked my lawnmower in the wrong spot. I shouldn't have done that.

I mowed on a high setting because i let the grass grow too tall. Then i parked the mower and took a break. I had every intention of  going back out and lowering the height setting on the mower and going back over another time or two. Well, good intentions are like buttholes, everybodys got em. 

I said screw this and stayed on my break, enjoying the time spent on my computer just surfing up a storm.

Well, night time comes around and heres where i did my stupid thing. I decided to go out back and look at the stars, and maybe take a whiz while i was out there. Only thing is it was damn dark out there, cause i didn't turn a light on. So out i go headed for the yard and damn if i didn't trip right over my lawnmower i had parked in the damn walkway. And flap! Landed on my right shoulder, elbow, forearm and my right cheek. Son of a bitch that hurt. My shoulder, elbow and arm muscles have been tender and hard to move up until this morning.

My wife spread some aspercreme over all those areas. I am here to tell you that stuff is the bomb! It works, I am about 90% improved.