Thursday, March 25, 2021

Hardware Store

 After lunch today, i went to a local hardware store, not one of the big box stores. I was looking for creosote sweeping logs for my fireplace. This store usually carries that stuff, but today i couldn't find it.

Asked a clerk about, he spotted another clerk and asked him. That guy looked all over, and then went to the computer to check online where they buy the stuff to see if they had it.

I made the mistake of asking this guy how business was. I spent the next 15 minutes listening to him about how good the last years business was for this store. According to him they had the best year ever. He said they never ran out of products to sell, but they did get down to ones and twos sometimes. 

One thing he said they did get really low on was bagged compost. He told me one of the vendors had plenty of compost, but they ran out of bags. Go figure.

In the conversation, he also told me he repaired small engines for the store. He said the vast majority of the time the reason small engines won't start is bad gas. That didn't surprise me. What did surprise me though, was when he said gas purchased here in california was only good for 90 days, and then it deteriorated. I asked if stabilizer helped, and he said a little bit. So now i have to think about this. I"ve got a lot of 5 gallon gas cans full of stabilized gas, all about 12 months old. Do I now start filling my truck from these and rotating them every 90 days? 

Any thoughts on that?


  1. Yes. Rotate your gas stock. One 5 gallon can of stored gas per truck fill-up. No extra cost, a little more trouble.
    Next step, move out of California!

    1. Gotta stay in calif. Love this state, hate the democrats. I think the pendulum is slowing in this state. Soon we will be going back to sanity. I think.

  2. Fred you sure have a lot of hopium going for you... sanity in califrutopia? You have been smoking your industrial water treatment chemicals.

    1. I know, i know. But hopium is better than the alternative. With the probable recall of asshole newsom, there is indication that just maybe we could be returning to sanity. I can hope.

    2. Dream on, Fred. Nuisance will be replaced with some other commie and your legislature will still be run by commies.
      Boat Guy

  3. Start using the stuff you have stored, but take a chance.
    Let one sit. Wait until You would use it if nobody said it was gonna go bad. If it's smelling like varnish, it's probably gone to crap.

    Not all stabilizers are equal.
    Not all gas cans are equal.

  4. A very simple solution to this problem is to use only non-ethanol fuel. I only run N.E. fuel in anything that sits for any length of time. I never have any starting/ running issues on any of my equipment (and I never use a stabilizer).