Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
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Are We Really Free?

Is this really the land of the free? Or are we the home of the mandated sheeple?

If I am REALLY free, then i should be able to go on the internet or radio or tv or newspapers and advertise that i have a kidney for sale, for whatever price i want to ask. Shouldn't I?

What about my house? If i own my house and property, should i not be able to do as i please with that house and property? If we as a people were really free i believe that we could. 

But. A man in kansas has painted a mural on the side of his house. A mural to celebrate the kansas city chiefs. And the town he lives in has given him i think 2 weeks to take it down or start facing increasing fines.

March 19 (UPI) -- A Kansas man who turned his love for the Kansas City Chiefs into a giant mural on the side of his house said the city has ordered him to take it down.

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