Thursday, March 4, 2021

Covid Math

 I was reading The Feral Irishman. He has a post up talking about covid math and % of people testing positive and deaths and so forth. His math conclusion is 95% of his state of New Hampshire has not tested positive for the covid and you have a 99.92% chance of not dying. And thats without a damn vaccine.

So i am trying to emulate his covid math and i looked up some numbers for calif.

Population                  39,613,500                                                            Number of deaths       53,083

So. 53,083/39,613,500====0.00134x100====0.134%

So 0.134% of our population has died from covid, which makes your chances of not dying 99.866%.

Can ANYBODY explain why the goddamnfuckingsonofabitchhell we are still locked down? Anybody? Bueller?  

California COVID-19 Statistics


  1. I can explain it in one word, CONTROL!

  2. Why are humans so damn easy to hook with unprovable fear?

    1. If i knew the answer to that we maybe could take over the world.