Monday, March 15, 2021

Talk about Stupid

 Jesus Christ how stupid can people be?

I just got in my mail 2 water bills, one for 136 and and for 68.

Both due the same date. I call them up.  Oh, the bill for 68 is for your feb. billing. Our system went down and we didn't send it out.  Well, I ask, did you guys think to go on radio or tv and tell the citizens anything about that? No, we did not.

Well then, what about the 136? Oh, that is for both feb. and march. And on the bill it says previous balance past due. Wait what? I religiously pay my bills. So i check my record and can't find where i paid it. Crap.

So they didn't send out bills for feb., and now they send out 2 bills for the same goddamn thing. Buncha assholes.

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