Friday, April 9, 2021

AAARGHH Revisited

 Went out yesterday afternoon to change the oil sending unit on my wifes car. Holy crap that thing is hard to get to. 

My hands and my arms look like gigantic liver spots now from winding my way thru miles of tubes and bolts and wiring harness to get to the sending unit.

I thought to myself, self, lets crawl under the car and see if we can get to it that way. So i did, and i could not. 

So, i tried going thru the fender well without removing the tire. Uh Uh, baby, ain't gonna happen.

So i unloaded all my work tools out of the car so i can get to the jack and handle situation. The reason all my work tools are in her car is because my grandson was in a fender bender last week and the insurance gave him a check and took his old car, and he is currently looking for a vehicle and driving my truck while looking.

Anyway, jack up the car and remove the tire and the piece of something that is shielding the dirt from flying into the motor. Get a long extension and a 21mm deep socket. It was an impact socket. After about an hour of doing this,that and the other i am finally able to get the old unit out. Go to screw in the new unit, takes me about 30 minutes cause i just can't get to it very well. Anyway, finally got it screwed in after dropping it about 4 times. Go to remove the deep socket and it falls into the car. Or i should say the black hole of the explorer, cause it is nowhere to be found.

Crap. Go to remove the socket and as i said, it is nowhere to be found. Crawl under the car and no socket anywhere. Crap. That is a $15 socket and i don't want to lose it. Shining my flashlight everwhere, feeling with my hands under the car and no socket. Hope it doesn't fall out when i drive it.

Anyway, that appears to have cured my oil pressure gauge problem. 

Now i get to remove the instrument cluster to replace all the bulbs so i can see the cluster at night.

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  1. Had a similar problem, had to use a telescoping magnet to fish the socket out. Couldn't see it to reach it with the pick-me-up claw tool but used the claw to help me guide the magnet side to side as I swept the pan near the ground in front of the wheel well where it fell. Hope you find your socket!