Friday, April 30, 2021

Presidency, 2024

 Who do you think will be the republicrat nominee for the presidency in 2024?

I predict it will not be our glorious number 45, President Trump. The establishment is turning on him faster than milk in 90° sun. Ole lindsey graham is apparently pushing tim scott for prez.  Cocaine mitch and asshole mike pence don't support him.

Local talk radio today had this subject on. I listened for about 5 minutes, then started hunting for unicorn farts to listen to.

They were saying ole mike pence didn't have the balls to run if Pres. Trump does. I think they are wrong. I think ole pence is planning on it.

Then they were floating Ron DeSantis as a running mate for Pres. Trump. I could probably go along with that. 

But. I think Pres. Trump will better serve himself, his family, and his constituents if he does not run, but instead does his rallys like he does and supports Ron DeSantis for prez. 

I personally won't vote for prez unless Trump or DeSantis is the nominee. All the rest are establishment republicans.


  1. I agree, and ya gotta admit that Trump's threatening to run is making democrats heads explode all over...
    Col Allen West would be a good choice for pres...Ted Cruz too I think

  2. I agree, West and Cruz would both be good choices. But in our country i don't think either one stands a chance in hell of getting elected. I like the way Cruz handles himself, and the way he has of embarrasing democrats when he questions them. I don't think Pres. Trump has a chance of getting the nomination because of the establishment rinos.