Monday, April 12, 2021


 I am not aware if any of my readers here smoke. I have not smoked a cigarette since Dec. 1, 1991, Saturday night, 6:30 pm. Or maybe 6:31 pm.

As young children are wont to do, my youngest daughter decided she didn't want me to die from smoking, so somehow she got up enough money to buy for me a filter kit which was designed to help you stop smoking. I suspect my wife fronted the money, but no proof of that.

Well, crap. I can't disappoint my daughter now can I? So, I start in on the first of the filters. You place your smoke of choice into the filter, which resembled the plastic end of a tiparillo cigar, and away you smoke for a week or so, until you graduate to the next filter up. These filters slowly decrease your intake so that you gradually get weaned off of the nicotine. Those things were nasty if you ever bothered to look at one after use.

If I remember correctly, there were four filters, and by the end of the fourth one, your desire for smoking was supposed to be gone. And by golly, that is what happened for me. I think each filter was 2 weeks, and around the 7th week on that saturday night, i simply stopped.

Today I was in Hanford calif and i was eating a lunch of fritos scoops and frito bean dip with an unsweetened bottle of Pure Leaf black tea, when I observed this sign on the fence in front of me.

I thought that was pretty damn expensive for a pack of cigarettes. Hell, a 2 pack a day habit is $15? You kiddin me? I remember  in the 70's paying $0.50 pack, and being pissed off about the high price. Hell on the ship overseas old packs of camels no filter were $0.05 pack. 
So i went on down the road to my next customer. I am only working about 4 days a month right now. Anyway, after i am done and on the way home i stop in Traver calif to pee and get another drink. At checkout i saw the packs of smokes and I ask the clerk how much marlboros are. That was my smoke of choice. $10.75 pack!!

$21.50 a day for a 2 pack a day habit, which is what i was up to. That is $7,847.50 for the year. Ho Lee Shit! 


  1. O'bama: Not gonna raise taxes. First Fucking day in office: Raise taxes on cigarettes by $1 per pack. First Fucking Day.

  2. And obamo smokes... irony. I am glad I never took up the habit of smoking. I won't even date a gal that smokes, tastes like licking an ashtray...

  3. Fuck obama and all of his minions. I am glad i quit smoking.

  4. I remember when I first started with coffin nails in the late 50s. Put a Quarter and a Nickel in the vending machine and you got a pack of Pall Malls with 2 Pennies taped to the side. I smoked for years but I diched them right after my daughter was born. Now if anyone in the room is smoking I get short of breath and have to leave.

    1. I am with you on that, i can't be around smoke, it makes me physically ill.

    2. Can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear that smoke makes both of you ill, because for years I honestly thought it was only me who reacted to it that way.