Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Election Manipulation Much??

 "We also found a smoking gun. This is what the Senators’ letter focuses on. We found that for a period of days before the election, on Google’s home page the company was sending a “go-vote” reminder just to liberals. Not a single one went to conservatives. How do we know this?"

A local radio talk show host named Ray Appleton yesterday was haranguing the callers by saying there has been no evidence of any of the election shenanigans claimed by Mike Lindell and others. He is an arrogant asshole. He berated some 90 year old lady about it. And he is a supposed conservative. A great friend of Devin Nunes, a local congress critter.

He kept saying show me some evidence. 

I wonder if this article would be evidence.

Big Tech: “They Leave No Paper Trail For Authorities To Trace”

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