Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Calif. Water

 Rather than encourage lawmakers to bring him legislation to beef up the state’s water storage capacity during the last drought, Gov. Jerry Brown signed new laws to limit each citizen to just 55 gallons per person per day by 2030, and 50 gallons by 2050. What will Gov. Gavin Newsom do?


  1. Komiefornia kinda has a large section of beach-front property. Wouldn't it make a whole lot more sence to build a desalination plant or two to supply fresh water?

    1. Calif. has all the water we can use and then some. What we have is a storage problem. Almost all of our fresh water gets sent down the drain to the ocean. If we built storage and captured that water to use instead of sending it to the ocean we would be good for the forseeable future. Desalination is not really an option due to the high cost of building then operating the plant. The water cost would be so high only the feds could print enough money to buy it.

    2. "The water cost would be so high only the feds could print enough money to buy it."

      Then that is exactly what they should do. Our money is worthless fiat Monopoly money now - it's just that nobody has acknowledged it yet. It WILL collapse so might as well get some long-lived assets while we can.

    3. I wish the feds would do something like that. I think the purchasing power of our dollar is collapsing and more rapidly than we might think. If the feds and the state would lessen the stranglehold they have on water in preference to a 1 inch fish, the whole state would be better off. Time to show some environmentalists the environmental portion of a hemp rope.