Wednesday, April 28, 2021

So can non-vaccinated people

 CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Can Exercise, Hold Small Gatherings Outdoors Without Masks

We're Saved! I tell ya WE ARE SAVED! The cdc says we can get together again! Hallelleujah!


  1. Well, this person says the CDC can bend over and take it. I haven't followed a single rule they've put out. Last I remember, I'm a free American, not a guinea pig.

  2. I have news for them. My 4th of July part will go on for anyone who has not been vaxxed. All who do not wear masks are welcomed. Hand shakes are encouraged as well. We will gather indoors and outdoors.
    No masks allowed.
    Any respect I had for the CDC is long gone. They're just a buncha not so smart folks bleedin' the blindass gov't dry. They can now say whatever they want, and she sheeple will follow.

    1. Just like the IRS, science has been captured and weaponized by the left. Whether it's weather, medicine, whatever, you can no longer trust "science" unless you do your own research and find where the left has cherry picked some data and supressed other data. The left uses it for massive money grabs and control of the population.