Sunday, April 25, 2021

I have a probably stupid question for you

 How many feet are in a mile?

When i do a duckduckgo search it comes up 5,280 feet in one mile, and i go, HUH?

Because i remember a mile as being 5,276 feet. But in doing another duckduckgo search i find people who say they were taught that a mile is 5,286 feet.  I don't remember that number.

So, for my curiositys sake, how many feet do you say are in a mile?

Thank you.


  1. 5280 and 1760 yards in a mile. A quarter mile is 440 yards is an easy way to remember if you are a fan of track.

  2. 5280 feet, 1760 yards. I was a surveyor in the Army drawing maps way before GPS. No matter how you cut it, it is 5,280 feet

  3. 5280 feet for a standard mile. I believe a nautical mile is 2000 yards or 6000 feet.

  4. My 1950 high school days a mile was 5,280 feet. The 21st century "everybody deserves" answer depends on how big your feet are.

  5. 5280 feet, 320 rods, 80 chains. --ken

  6. Well, the vast majority say 5280 so that is the winner. For the life of me i don't know where i came up with5276.

    1. Prolly that 5276 project the New Yuck Times is planning

  7. A quarter mile is 440 yards. Remember in track running the 440?
    440 yards is 1,320 feet. Four times1,320 5,280.
    In the FWIW department, I ran the 1,320 in ninth grade. That is
    1,320 yards. Three quarters of a mile. I ran the mile in high school. That is twenty five thousand feet,, ohh,no,, that is what it feels like.
    It's really 5,280 feet.