Friday, April 30, 2021

Customer States "Just Change My Oil, I Don't Need a Coil Spring!"


  1. I have seen someone drive off with gas hose ( From Gas pump) still in tank. Man circled the block, came back, got out of car, threw hose at the pump and took off again. I went inside to tell them what happened and the two high school/college girls inside didnt understand. It was at the start of Covid and they were half afraid of me even though I had a mask and half afraid to go outside. ( It was mid-day and Im in early 60s....IDK what all they were afraid of. Just they could see the pump was still setting there. I suspect they thought I was trying to trick them somehow. Yes, pump still there but no hose on it...ya morons.)

    1. Our school system has dumbed down our kids to that point you just described.