Monday, April 5, 2021

Chauvin Trial

 I could give much less than 2 shits for either the police or this dead asshole Floyd.

In the trial the judge doesn't like the emt witness lady arguing with defense counsel, and he chastises her. Says to just answer the questions asked and to not volunteer information. At that point i probably would have said something unfortunate to him and wound up in jail. 

I wish that lady would have told that judge to shove it straight up his crusty old ass, cause i don't like judges either.

Judge Sends Out Jury, Admonishes Witness In George Floyd Case


  1. From there on out, she should have pleaded the 5th and kept her mouth shut.

    1. Once she started to testify, the court can compel her to continue. To plead the Fifth, you have to do it from the beginning and then stick with it.