Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Jesus Christ

 Just like most people, i would like to enjoy intimacy every now and then.

But some sumbitch has gotten me subscribed to Latin America Cupid and i can't unsubscribe. I click on unsubscribe and the page says i am now logged into latin america cupid.

And the emails i get don't have any female names associated with it. No, I get matches like Israel, Abel, George, Edgard, Daniel and something in ukrainian and many more, but no females. 

Who in the hell subscribed me to this shit?

I am starting to think i have to abandon my email address to get away from this crap!


  1. You can mark the sender's email address as "spam". That should keep it out of your "in-box".

    1. I will do that. This is getting rediculous.