Friday, April 30, 2021

Electrical Work

 Went to my daughters place today to do some electrical troubleshooting.  A plug in the kitchen wasn't working, and a whole string of plugs i installed in 1981 or so wasn't working.

Checked the plug in the kitchen and had about 96 volts on it. Should be 110 or so.

Went to remove the thing to check the connections, and the screws holding it in place were about 2 inches long. Damn those things were long. Anyway, finally got them out and got the plug out and the wire had broken at the screw. What really surprised me though, was the wire is not solid, it is stranded wire. I haven't seen that before. So tomorrow i am going back, hopefully to replace the socket with a ground fault interruptor circuit style socket. This is only a 2 wire system, but i think i can still make it work okay.

The string of plugs that was out is a different story. Those only had about 750 millivolts to the outlet. Went out to the breaker, and even though the breaker is correctly on, it only had about 750 millivolts at the breaker. Reset the breaker and now it has 120 volts as it should. 

So i purchased a new breaker for that. Install it tomorrow. And hopefully everything electrical wise will be okay.

Went over how the electrical panel is setup with my son in law. He is a great guy, but his eyes started glazing over as i explained the intricacies of the panel. I know exactly how he feels, i did the very same thing, at this very same electrical panel, when MY father in law was explaining the intricacies of the electric panel to me.

The circle of life has come around.


  1. AC circuits, I am lost.
    DC, I am a little better.
    I call a pro for electrical work...
    Man's got to know his limitations...

    1. I am relatively okay with electrical work, done a fair amount of it. Not an expert, hate paying for someone else to do it. My experience with contractors is mostly bad.