Sunday, April 25, 2021

Buying a Car

 Apparently Some Car Dealers Think It's OK To Detain Customers Against Their Will

Approximately 40 years ago my wife and I and our young daughter were out one night looking at used cars.

We were at a local dealer and stupidly i had given them the keys to my car for evaluation for trade in.

Anyway, i wound up surrounded by 10 salesman(that's not an exaggeration) in the parking lot about 9:30 at night trying to get my keys back from this sonofabitch asshole car guy. He refused to give my keys back, and every time i would approach him these 10 guys kept getting closer and closer to me. It was quite the standoff.

Finally i told him to give my keys back or i would call the cops. And he said so you didn't intend on buying a car when you came in here? And i yelled at him, NO! give my keys back! 

Finally got them back and left. Man, i detest car dealers.

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