Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
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Some of the Food Prices at My Local High Dollar Grocery Store



  1. That Hunt's pasta sauce here is .99.
    The chips seem high, even the 2 for $5 might be high for that particular brand.
    I see the canned veggies have increased in size, so they can raise the price per ounce price...I'm not fooled. A case of 8 Del Monte can corn is $6.48 at Sam's..15 oz cans...same with green beans.
    You are not alone, my friend.

    1. Typically we don't buy canned goods at this store, they are always ridiculous with their pricing. We found a outlet type store about 15 miles away we are going to check out again. They seemed to have very good prices. We got a 24 can flat of Dr. Pepper in 12 oz cans for 3.99. But the same cans in a 12 pack were 4.99. Strange.