Monday, December 20, 2021

Aaaand they are all butthurt

 ‘The Squad’ Loses It After Manchin Says No Go On Build Back Better Bill

The four horses of the braindead, plus one new one, are all butthurt because Manchin decided to vote for the people of Virginia instead of for the goddamn democrats.

These 5 gotta be on the list of reps who will get primaried this next election.


  1. west va., but point made. wish all of them would look out for their state instead of making block votes.

  2. The correct name should be Destroy America Faster

  3. I don't understand how those harpies ever got elected.

  4. I hope they get unelected by 155 grains at 1500fps... damn that we gave the right to vote and and allow them to hold political positions. Stay home, make babies, cook my meal. I'll take care of everything else.