Thursday, December 30, 2021

Anderson cooper asks if withholding Social Security checks to force vaccination is something the government should do

 CNN Suggests Withholding Social Security to Impose Vaccine

I knew it was simply a matter of time before someone floated this idea. Although I thought it would be that idiot joe something or other on cnbc?? msbc?? morning joe??

Whatever the hell his name is. Anyway, cooper just asked bill gates that question. Gates looked like he was happier than a pig in shit he got asked that question, too. 

Him. Him. Fuck him!


  1. That and EBT cards, nothing would be left to molder or rot. Can you imagine 20 million scooter and walker clad old folks descending upon the district of cornholo criminals and bashing them with their canes and grabbers? I would have nightmares and night terrors for at least a week...