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The Big E
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Well, I guess I am officially old.

 Son of a bitch. Seems like it was just last week I got married. Then the day after that I had a kid, and another kid. Now I have five grandkids.

Son of a gun, I got old quick.

Today, Dec. 28 of 2021, my oldest granddaughter got married. Damn.

It was only yesterday I was holding her in my lap at thanksgiving dinner. And she was scarfing up all my mashed potatoes and leaving me hungry. 

Holy crap I got old quick.


  1. Congrats!

    We are still waiting for our first grandchild.

    1. I tell you what, grandchildren are great!

  2. Life, old age and wrinkles sneak in while we are combating living in general. Where did it go I too ask myself, for I was just playing outside building roads and forts with my Tonka trucks