Thursday, December 30, 2021

How often do you wash your clothes?

 Apparently something called the world economic forum wants us to wash our clothes less.

World Economic Forum Demands We Stop Washing Clothes

Okay by me, I don't do enough work to wash them that much anyway. When I was working on boilers, I would come home and strip down, and usually my wife would throw everything in the wash then, because I was usually pretty grungy and she didn't want that crap hanging around in the laundry basket.

But now, I hardly do a damn thing. About the only time I sweat is when I start thinking about sex and how I can't anymore.

Hell, I think I've got a pretty good protective crust going on and I would be afraid to lose that protection by washing clothes too much.

Remember what Rancid Crabtree said? To phrase it slightly differently, he was asked when was the last time he washed his clothes? And his reply was, What Yar is this anyway?


  1. "About the only time I sweat is when I start thinking about sex and how I can't anymore." The utter bane Fred of us old guys... it is a cruel irony that we retain a memory and the fires aren't banked...

    1. I feel your pain, Cederq. My mind wants to foricate 24/7, but my body just wants to fall asleep.

    2. You guys are right. I have the want to, just not the can do.

  2. Rancid Crabtree - there’s a name haven’t read in a long time. Loves me some Rancid Crabtree!🤩