Tuesday, December 14, 2021

What gives hospitals the right to deny treatment?

 Virginia hospital found in contempt of court for denying patient prescribed round of Ivermectin

The answer to that question is: Not a goddamn thing.

What is it that hospitals are so afraid of in trying ivermectin? Are they that in cahoots with big pharma that the hospitals have to protect the moneymaking machine at all costs, including lives?(I almost typed livers, that wouldn't make sense would it?)

If a patient is on a ventilator and no expectation of getting off where is the harm in trying a drug that has been proven to work? AND, is approved by the fda for human use. I mean, jesus christ.

And where does the fda and the post office get off with intercepting and destroying ivermectin which is being shipped to people? Screw them!!

The FDA is now being accused of attempting to confiscate and destroy packages containing ivermectin being shipped to Americans.

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