Saturday, December 4, 2021

Conspiracy Theory

 I would like to put forth a conspiracy theory. I have no facts to support this, no evidence to support this, just pure fiction. 

Lets think about the covid. We all know it's manmade in china. What if the purpose of the covid is not to kill people, but to transform people? Into what you may ask. 

Well, zombies come to mind, but that's been done to death. What about aliens? And no, I don't mean illegal aliens. Although the aliens I'm talking about are probably illegal since they come from outer space.

Maybe this crap everyone is putting into their bodies is going to slowly, and meaningfully, transform humans into a slightly different form. A transformation that may take decades to do. Thru several generations of very slow change. Maybe that's why they hid slow joe in the basement for so long.

Which brings us to chemtrails. I don't know of anyone who knows what chemtrails are and what they are supposed to do. But it seems to me that the droughts we are experiencing really started to occur about the same time chemtrails started to appear.

Maybe these illegal aliens like a warm dry arid atmosphere, and chemtrails are their way of terraforming our planet to their liking.

I know, I know, I'm fulla shit, but it is saturday night, and I am bored, so what the hell. This is what I get when I'm bored, and tired of political crap and you tube videos.

And, I am out of vodka. 


  1. My God, get ye to the local purveyor of distilled spirits and buy enough vodka so you don't have these breaks of cognitive episodes! It is an interesting theory tho....

    1. Yes, I will go now to replenish my spirits.

  2. Sir,
    Long ago, in another lifetime, I had a copy of a report from a guy that was a director at NASA. The report had to do with the nature and purpose of chemtrails. He explained that the particulates being sown throughout the upper atmosphere were designed to slowly make the population increasingly susceptible to respiratory infections, which method would be eventually used (once a certain exposure threshold had been achieved) to reduce the extant population by three-fifths. This would all be explained through the mechanism of a new pandemic that would suddenly appear and burn its way through the globe.
    I read these things almost forty years ago, and current events are lining up in the way this paper said they would (broadly, of course; the finer details were always going to be specific to other conditions at the time).
    It may be explained, however, that the chemtrails are in fact causing what is apparently known as 'global dimming', which is a form of weather modification designed to ameliorate the climate.
    I suppose we will find out the truth at some point.

    1. Good to hear from you. I think what you are talking about I MAY have heard of before, but I can't be certain. But what you said would certainly explain this current situation.

  3. Agenda 21 didn't write itself, and the Georgia Guidestones were not built for a practical joke. Evil exists. Chemtrail research has been done. Headwaters of rivers have been tested. Water captured high up on a mountain. The stuff discovered, I don't recall the names of the chemicals now, weren't from runoff. It was in the snow that melted that starts the flow down the mountain.

    A doctor told me that the ethics of the evil people who are working to destroy mankind are able to do what they do and not feel guilt is to tell people what they intend to do, and if the people don't act to stop them, they deserve what they get.

    Took me years to wrap my head around that.

    Still not sure she was right, but the more I see, the more it sounds like what we are Seeing.

    1. I think you are onto something there. I do believe some kind of evil plot is afoot, to paraphrase sherlock holmes. I can see no good coming from chemtrails.

  4. Things that seemed completely unhinged just a few years ago seem plausible more and more. I've gone deep into the rabbit hole, and it's making more sense than what the propagandists are saying. Scary if even half the conspiracy theories are all in fact, true. They're watching us all... but, why?