Friday, December 24, 2021

Fornicate these elitist assholes!

 MSNBC Medical Analyst Dr. Vin Gupta Says the Unvaxxed Should be Denied Care in Hospitals (VIDEO)

I guess this democrat elitist sonofabitch thinks we're too goddamn stupid to catch what he is saying in the video.

We need to not let the unvaccinated take away ICU resources from the vaccinated who might need them? 

Does he have ANY idea what he just said? He just said the "vaccine" does not prevent you from getting covid!

So why should I get "vaxxed"? 

So I can be protected from the unvaxxed who might give me (who is vaccinated) the covid even though I am supposed to be immune.

What a bunch of happy horseshit this is.


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  2. If the unvaxxed are refused government services, then they should no have to pay taxes.
    Seems simple enough.

  3. That's ok, unvaxxed people will survive while those that have gotten the vaccine over and over again with booster injection are subject to the mercy of their health, medications as to when the vaccine will actually kill them in time. the vaxed people..suggest you have a living will drawn up it will make taking care of your estate easier on family and the state you live in will not get a dime, no will equals probate court and its time consuming and expensive.