Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Blogging will be sporadic

 Posting here will be sporadic for a while. Please keep checking back.

Me and comcast xfinity are going round and round and they are winning.

So I am canceling my comcast. At the moment I am using a mobil hotspot to connect to the net with.

Please bear with me. All will be made to work eventually.

I hope.


  1. Fred, good luck with the internet provider issue. Your readers will be here waiting.

  2. Hope you get your computer provider issues dealt with. Must be frustrating - thanks for all the work you do to keep it running.

  3. Hang in there Fred. Dealing with these internet corporation monsters is like dealing with the Biden run government bureaucracy. Oh wait a minute they are an arm of the current regime.

  4. Fred, go with Starlink. A bit steep at first ($600 for the earth station) but the connectivity can't be beat.