Thursday, February 9, 2023

Have some hashbrowns with your breakfast

 I wanted hashbrowns yesterday morning. Never having cooked them before I made a clumpy soggy mess that never turned crisp.

So in the trash they went and out came the cheerios.

So I found this video on cooking hashbrowns. Gonna try it one of these days.

Since I don't usually cook this might be another fiasco in the making.


  1. Having owned a restaurant....yeah, use frozen...don't mess with spending 5 minutes or more shredding potatoes washing, draining etc. ( Unless you have lots of time and limited money OR you are using your own potatoes fresh from the garden.) We used a flat top griddle , med-high heat and yes you better use lots of butter ( or bacon grease.)

    1. Butter, bacon grease. Adds the best flavor ever.

  2. I have honestly tried many times, both fresh and frozen, and the only advice I can offer is get yourself to some sort of waffle house because you'll never make it as well as they do.

  3. Bake your potato first. 400 degrees 1 hour.
    Allow to cool completely.
    Grate the potato onto a cutting board, while heating up a non stick fry pan. Form your tater into a pattie.
    An average potato will yield two hash brown patties.
    A good blob of butter, and carefully scrape your hash brown pattie from the board, and place on top of butter for at least 5 minutes...
    Carefully turn and may salt and pepper the cooked side now, and cook until done.

  4. Love me some crispy hashbrowns. Never coukd make them right. Learned a few tricks that work for me:
    Stainless steel pan, med heat, liberal use of a light oil (sunflower oil my current fav, but canola works too).
    Frozen work, but I found some dehydrated ones at my local Sams club - comes in a big 1 gallon carton. Mix up with about 60% of recommended water (reconstitute before cooking). Crispy every time.