Monday, February 13, 2023

More frog poop, I am up super early today.

 Time is 2 am. Eyes popped open about 1:30 am. 

So let's check the internet and see what is going on.

First up is alien balloons spying on us. 

Top U.S. Air Force General Makes Shocking Remarks About Unidentified Objects Shot Down By U.S. Military

I mean this is good. They aren't ruling out anything. Well, me neither. I'm not ruling out that I am an allseeing god who is being punished by having to be in this puny human body for a century.

But in any event, I don't think that some extraterrestrial alien species is going to be so technologically deficient as to let a simple warplane down their spy balloons. I mean, they traveled lightyears to get here didn't they???

Next up is: 

Actually, Hordes Of Highly Sophisticated Unidentified Aircraft Have Been Flying Over U.S. Territory

Now I find this story a bit more believable. I wonder if maybe some radio controlled airplane club got together and is doing this.

Seems legit to me. Buncha old farts get together and get all likkered up, no telling what could happen. Especially in empty flyover country.

After mere minutes of searching, that's all I got for now.



  1. men have been placed in charge...paraphrasing a movie quote.
    I don't believe a word they say. The chinesiam balloon was plastered all over the internet. As of right now, NO pics of these UFOS. Just eyewitness accounts and hyperbole. I did see a crude drawing of one....military that has million dollar armament and all we get is a 2nd grade drawing?!?!
    My intuition says, these were more chinesiam balloons but pretty potato for brains doesn't want to admit that.

  2. It's all the current government created smoke & mirrors to distract the public from something else going on, or maybe it's the substitue public panic tactic to replace the fading covid doom.

  3. I like the likkering up with a bunch of old boys, can get interesting....

  4. Ditto what everyone but Sarah said. I had heard from angel over on ERJs blog shes making 120 dollars per hour online and that her friends cousins sisters brothers last girlfriend was making 150 per hour giving out handies!
    So whats it gonna be?