Saturday, February 18, 2023

Palestine, Ohio


Who knows if that was the wrong Palestine or not? This whole thing may be a big accident, it may be a terrorist event, or maybe the government is trying to poison the people. Who the hell knows?

If the events of the last couple of weeks haven't gotten your attention yet, then don't read anymore of this post.

If they did get your attention, I have a question for you. What will YOU do when your water gets poisoned? Not if, but when.

Looks like these people are lining up to let the guvmint help them out. Except that one guy. He said I'm gettin outa here.

Remember the lead in the drinking water? Where was that, Michigan? Now Ohio has vinyl chloride in it's drinking water? And some others I have forgotten.

How many illegal aliens of fighting age has our fed government allowed, no, BEGGED, to come into this country? How easy would it be for a large number of them to infect themselves with disease, and then crap in the local reservoir you get your water from. Say dengue fever, anthrax, ebola, covid 889, mutated whatchamacallit from wuhan and points south.

30 years ago at 5 am I was filling up for my drive north to see the boss. The guy behind the counter was a young guy from overseas. He saw the water logo on my shirt and was asking me about if I knew anything about the water supply and that sort of thing. That was 30 years ago. We didn't have the foreign alien army in our midst like we have now. I called the fbi and they not so politely told me to fuck off and leave the guy alone.

These foreign agents may even get jobs at the local water plants, learn the ropes, and be able to sabotage it that way. 

Maybe it won't be a human caused event, maybe you have an earthquake. The New Madrid Fault could go off in that area and you need to filter some water. The San Andreas could explode and I would need to filter my water. The Yellowstone volcano could go off and the whole friggin country gets hit. 

The point is get some water filtration capability. Of some sort.

So whether you are a prepper or not, do you see how easy it would be for you to UNEXPECTEDLY become a victim of drinking water pollution?

If you are a prepper, you got cases of water for that scenario already. So you don't have to rely on the socalled government to have a handout of water to your family. 

Here is a link that tells how to remove chemicals from water:

For the whole house, go to your local hardware store, or one of the big box stores, and get one of those cannister filter housings, and a whole crapton of carbon filters for the thing. Then install it in your inlet water line or have it installed by a plumber. 

That is just one way to clean your water. Reverse osmosis systems come to mind. Distillation could work, except lots of chemicals are volatile and would condense back into the water. 

I have to admit, I have been remiss on my part because I have not installed one. I have the housing and a lot of the filters, but they are in my preps for shtf, not everyday use. 

I will have to correct that.


  1. It's odd that we go on and on about the Japanese Internment back in WW2--but there were no incidences of sabotage to factories or municipal infrastructure. My grandmother told me that her brother worked at the American Embassy in Manila prior to WW2. There was a gardener of Japanese descent who was on staff--the guy turned out to be an intelligence officer, a full colonel in the Imperial Japanese Army. Once Manila was captured by the Japanese every single American employee of the Embassy, their families and other American civilian in the area were rounded up by the Japanese and put in a POW camp. However, knowing the guy worked out for my great-uncle. Japanese soldiers were known, just for kicks, to randomly pull fighting-aged males off the street to torture then to execute. My grandmother and my great-grandfather went to the Japanese colonel's mistress and begged that my great-uncle not be executed. Fortunately, he was spared because the colonel remembered him--he had a few cigarette burns but nothing life-altering. There is a huge Fifth Column of America's enemies hiding in plain sight--perhaps even being supported from the largesse of America's tax-payers.

  2. I would recomend a step further and get an RO/DI filter setup.
    I used one extensively for 20 years with my saltwater aquarium hobby. The initial cost is high, but quality of water hard to beat.
    I saw a small unit at the orange big box hardware store for a reasonable price.

    1. Yes, those are highly recommended. Need to have a way to get water pressure to it if electricity goes down causing the city water pressure to drop. And stock a bunch of replacement elements.

  3. distillation WONT work because many chemicals form azeotropes with water -- a constant boiling mixture.