Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Is it time to hang the head of EVERY federal agency???

 What’s Going On? US Military NOW SAYS There Were SIX China Spy Balloons Spotted During Trump Years – BUT NO ONE WAS NOTIFIED

WTF is going on with our government? Is it past time to shut this place down and go full on anarchy for a few years?

9-11-2001. Isn't that when ALL of the government agencies were supposedly playing footsie with intelligence and not sharing with other agencies and that's why 9-11 was able to happen so easily??????????

The Department of Homeland Security. DHS. The formation of THAT particular bureaucracy was supposed to end all the problems wasn't it???

Then why in the fuck of all hells is this shit happening now? NO ONE WAS NOTIFIED???? WTF????

Are these things dangerous to our national security or not? Is our government protecting our national security or not? 

I think it's pretty goddamn obvious the federal government is either incapable or they are co-operating with the chinese.

Treason. Time to kill em all.


  1. Yeah, high time.
    Gotta try and explain to me how it does NOT equal treason?

  2. You ASSuME the Chinks actually *did* send balloons on Trump's watch.

    No no no no no - gotta prove that first. And, nowadays, whom do you trust in the Gubmint to tell the truth? Milley? SecDef?

    I'm reasonably the general public would've seen 'em. And reported 'em.

    So, that claim won't wash.

  3. So six times they allowed people to lie then or now? Id go with the truth is not found there any more.