Sunday, February 12, 2023

How will they implement it? With vaccines, maybe??

Mind Control: WEF Technocrats Openly Plot to Observe and Track Human Thoughts With Implants


Who woulda thought some James Bond style villain would try to take over the world by tracking your thoughts and then eventually CONTROLLING your thoughts?

Lookit. HR clicks on the computer. Hmmm, says she. Looks like Mr. Johnson is having some impure thoughts about Ms. Pettigrews backside. Okay, let me tweak that a little bit. Good good, now he's having impure thoughts about MY backside. 

You think fbi agents are intrusive into parents of school children now? Just wait till they control THIS technology. You want to speak out at your education system school board meeting. No problem, here is your speech already written for you, implanted in cell number 4,273,586,978,844. Go ahead and alter that speech, we dare ya?!! 

Wanna dance like an organ grinder's monkey???

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