Tuesday, February 7, 2023

This may be a bit of leap of imagination. Hope so.

 What we have just witnessed in Turkey is just the beginning, because even greater shaking is on the way.

Lots of people dead over there, lots of buildings collapsing.

But I don't see how that equates to danger over the entire world.


  1. Earthquakes happen. Have always happened, will always happen. It's people who have very short memories. It's people who panic when things that happen routinely occur. We are a clever species with a short memory. Not an intelligent one.

  2. It probably doesn’t equate to danger over the whole world.
    But it does cause a reaction that can happen in many places not even close to that area. Go to yewtube and spend some time watching a guy called Dutchsinse. He has a good read on the how and why and provides a lot of knowledge.