Monday, February 27, 2023

I got rid of comcast/xfinity

 Xfinity comcast appears to me to be run by competent criminals.

Last monday the 20 I went to comcast and exchanged my rental router because it wasn't working, or so I thought.

3 times that day I was able to force a comcast person to actually talk to me and each time they told me the internet was out in my area and would be repaired in one hour.

At 5 pm after about 9 hours of no internet I forced my way through the automated system and got another person who told me: There was NO internet outage in your area today.

WTF!!?? Then she proceeded to try and get my internet to work. Thru all of this comcast wanted me to download an app to my phone so I could setup internet. I said fuck that, the less apps on my phone the better.

Longstory short, I have not had internet since monday the 20. Today I returned my router and canceled my account with comcast which I have had for about 25 years.

At the door I told them I was there to return the router because they could not make it work. The lady said maybe you just need to exchange it. I said I did that last week, then she replied this is just refurbished. Which surprised me I thought it was new.

When I got called I told the lady what I wanted. I handed her the router. She surprised me when she said that the router I gave her was the wrong router for the service I was paying for. I intelligently said,"Huh??"

Apparently I was supposed to be getting faster internet. With a different router.

Okay. So I said I have been paying for service I haven't been getting?? She replied Oh you've been getting it.

To which I thought I've been getting it allright, straight up the ass.

Anyway, I no longer have comcast or xfinity. And for now mobile hotspot is all the rage.


  1. Morning Fred. I haven't powered up a Windows machine, in over ten years. I run my Blog, via 5g (LG Velvet, 6.7", 8x cores!). And a 9" tablet, for back-up (4g/WAN). It costs me a whole $70 a month for airtime, for both. Tablet was free (T-Mobile). When I have some dosh? I'll upgrade the tablet to 5g ($300/refurb/Walliemart). 5g WORKS WELL FOR ME!
    Signed, No Hotspots/WAN Only

    1. Where does your airtime come from? T-Mobil?

  2. Yes. $50 a month for the unlimited 5g cell airtime (bought used, unlocked, $200). $20 a month for the (free 4g) tablet, including it's airtime, with its own SIM card. After 24 months, I own the tablet (normally available for around $150).

    It was truly the path of least resistance. I've had zero regrets.