Friday, February 17, 2023

Waiting on propane

 Waiting on a propane tank fill up. Up at 7:30 for a change instead of 10 am. At least I slept all night this time, and didn't get up at 2 am.

I wonder. Is waiting on them is like waiting on Comcast?

Time frame of 8am to 3 pm.

If you gotta go pee and they knock on your door and you don't answer, they gone.

Nah, I think these guys would stay until I answer.

Last propane fillup was over 500 bucks, hope this one is not as much.

We shall see.


  1. Buy and pay for a years supply in July when it is cheaper.

    1. In order to do that I am going to have to either buy a much larger tank, or buy another tank of this size. Because of health circumstances, at this time that is not feasible. So, I will live with this for now.

  2. Propane is holding at $3.00/gallon out here in the Wild West, $1.21 higher than PB (Pre-Biden). I wish I could say the same for fuel! Regular is up 30 cents... since last week, and 50 cents for the month!! I guess Biden put the cabash on price increases until after his State Of The Shitshow address... I'm with GreggBC; tank up for the year in the summertime. I do that with both my propane and kerosene stashes.

    1. I am in central california, in madera. I paid $3.40 gallon this morning, I think that is what I paid in mid december. I haven't been out of the house since christmas, my kids tell me gas prices have gone up over five bucks again. President gropey joe should start wearing a ballcap that says Shitshow Supervisor.