Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Did you know con gress was grilling the ex-execs of twitter???

 On yewtube are some videos of members of congress grilling some ex twitter execs. 

I gotta admit i did not know they were doing that.

Holy crap looks like at least a couple of the repubs have found some testicular fortitude and are taking it to these buttholes.

Here is one example but there are several more on yewtube: And on a sidenote this Boebert woman is a hottie!!!!


  1. The GOP house critters can act tough when they know the Senate will probably kill any actual legislation that serves the people....and Pedo Joe WILL get it if it gets past the Senate. When the GOP have both houses and the White House they can't accomplish jack shiite. It's just more Kabuki Theatre political posturing. The GOP is the Controlled Opposition.

  2. I know but ya gotta admit, she's hot!

  3. What Dan said...
    Nothing will happen
    Nothing will change

    Its called "kabuki theatre", and done for the electorates benefit. But nothing will change, people will keep voting like it matters, because the bimbo I voted for tore into someone I don't know on camera for me. Heres your reward for the red wave last November, a televised drama with zero results or consequences! Wheeee!

  4. Hot? I got a woodie listening to that and her clothes were on!