Friday, February 3, 2023

Do you think it is delivering the big guys 10%???

 Pentagon Refuses To Shoot Down Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Hovering Over Montana for Days

If the united states government thinks this thing is a chinese device, why wouldn't our government take steps to neutralize this thing?

That IS what the united states government is supposed to do, is it not? Protect our country from foreign infidels??

Apparently the concern is to not hurt civilians. Maybe they know it's got a nuke inside and don't want to detonate it locally. Or maybe eric swalwell got a deal with fangfang to sell out montana. 

Who the heck knows with these socialist/fascist/nazistic/craptastic bastards in fed gov.


  1. Latest report? Canada has detected a second balloon..

    1. I saw a report that said this is a "civilian airship" that got blown off course. Then some general says this thing is maneuverable. Montana should shoot it down themselves.

    2. I forgot, you think these things are carrying EMP devices??