Friday, February 3, 2023

gowise company still sucks

Update: got an email from the "manager". She offered me to buy a new inverter for a 20% discount. I don't know how clueless one person can be.

 Emailing back and forth proves this company is a pisspoor company to do business with.

All the asshole would say is we don't encourage customers to open the part and we don't sell parts anyway.

I asked where do I get it repaired. His reply was take it to a hardware store somewhere.

I asked for a wiring diagram, and oh no we can't provide that.

I don't have any social media so this is my only outlet for telling people how screwed up gowise is.

Waiting for a phone call from the manager though I kept requesting the company president. If I ever find a phone contact for him I will call.

I swear the only accountability these days is the bullet box.

Stay away from gowise. They are bad juju.


  1. Air fryer or power inverter? Both are sold under the GoWise name.

    1. This was a dc/ac power inverter, 3000 watt. Right now it is a 500 dollar boat anchor. I checked BBB and they have a rating of F.

  2. Did I call it or what? A scummy company, I even gave it a 1 star rating and a negative review and I have never bought anything from there.