Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
Vern's Stories fredhorn37@gmail.com So, if I take it I can still catch the ‘Rona and I can still spread the ‘Rona, but the unjabbed are the problem?

Alan Dershowitz is an Idiot

 Dershowitz says there is no constitutional right to get on an airplane if you are unvaccinated. He says the unvaccinated can spread the disease to him, even if he is vaccinated.

But someone somewhere is now saying even the vaccinated are now spreaders of the disease. 

So I can't get on an airplane because i am unvaxxed because i spread the disease, but you can get on an airplane because you are vaxxed but you also spread the disease?

Dershowitz to Ingraham: The unvaccinated have no right to get on an airplane and spread COVID to me

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  1. There is no scary virus section in the US constitution , yet here we are...