Saturday, July 10, 2021

How to Stay Cool Without Electricity

 Found this article and thought I would share with you:

How To Stay Cool Without Electricity


  1. ... "climate change continues to emerge as an ongoing threat that could be the greatest natural disaster in our future"

    Didn't even make it through the first sentence.
    They say the "pandemic" is nonsense but "climate change" is science? Why do you link to stupidity?

    1. It isn't stupid. Climate change is real, just look at the history of the world. Ice ages, then no ice ages. That was climate change. Manmade climate change is not real. The fact is, our west coast is getting hotter. I linked to the story simply to show ways of keeping cool. Granted, everythiing I read about keeping cool is commonsense, but I still thought it worth sharing.