Monday, July 19, 2021

My Phone

 Yesterday my wife and I went to Lowes to get some soil in a bag, some peat moss, and some nitrogen fertilizer. Didn't find peat moss or nitrogen.

While we were there my wife spotted a lady having trouble loading a bag in her cart and asked me to help, so I did. On my way back to my wife she said you have something shining in your shirt pocket.

My phones flashlight was on for some reason. But I couldn't turn it off because the screen brightness had went to full blackout and I couldn't see the screen icons. Took a few minutes but I got the brightness  back up and turned off the flashlight.

Went inside to look at some storage stuff. My wife saw a wire container she said would work to store ribbons in. Then she said I'm not paying that price for it. I will go see what walmart has. About 5 seconds later my phone starts talking to me and says the nearest walmart super center is located...

And I just shut the damn thing off, and rebooted it. That was just weird.

Then today I was farting around and said to my phone Ya Hear That NSA? Then my phone rang. I thought holy shit thats the nsa!

But it was my grandson.

I liked it better when computers were as big as a warehouse.


  1. Look at the bright side, your Grandson called you.

    1. Yes, and we had a good conversation.

    2. And shortly after you hung up, a little tear came to your eye. But it was one of these good tears.

      I envy you for that moment.

      Those are the moments that we (and by "we" I mean actual human beings) sacrifice our daily lives and DNA for.

      Don't let them slip away.

  2. delete or hide that Google link on another page so it is not voice activated.

    1. Hell, I didn't even know i had a google link like that.