Sunday, July 25, 2021


 My wife and I went to Lowes this morning. My gosh, that place needs to hire some people. They either don't have enough workers or the ones they do have don't do anything.

I wanted some 3/8" bolts, nuts, flat washers. Found the bolts and washers finally. After looking forever. Found everything but the size I needed in the bin that was supposed to hold the size i needed.  But no 3/8" nuts. At all. Anywhere. Found a clerk after a few hours of looking. He said: Sorry, we don't have any 3/8" nuts. We have some on order but we won't get them until next month. Next month? As in beginning of August? I don't know when he said.

Okay screw it. Get everything else and go to the checkout. The box of 25 1/4" stop nuts for $3.48 that was in the correct spot by the way, turned out to be a box of 100 1/4" stopnuts for $13 something that wasn't in the correct spot by the way. I only need 8, so don't get those.

Then I paid, and she said: Sorry we don't have any bags. No bags? No 3/8" nuts? 

Is the country running out of stuff? Or are these people simply not doing their jobs by stocking things properly and checking the bins to ensure they have the correct products?


  1. Oh Fred, don't get me started on the big box hardware stores! I too had to go to Lowes (curse be thy name)recently for stainless steel hardware on a project on my travel trailer and the bins were all mixed up, wrong sizes and mislabeled bins. And dealing with young male and female clerks who don't know a half inch from a #10 screw... I persevered because I know hardware and got all that I needed, but damn, I should have gotten at least 25% off because I did their work. Yes and there are shortages everywhere.

    1. Bins all mixed up, wrong sizes. Yep, thats what happened exactly. Starting to make online shopping look way good.