Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Our Country Has Gone to Hell, But No Handbasket

People in this country are just a bunch of godddamn pussy buttlickers. 

I am still getting emails regarding posts people make in something called Nextdoor.

Got an email this morning about a post from 2 days ago. This person, don't know if it's man or woman because it has both their names, said their son and a friend hiked up to the "waterfall" in Yosemite National Park, and the son called and said it was too late to hike back down, WHAT DO I DO???? DO I CALL 911???

For the love of petes sake, fucks sake, and gods sake, grow a goddamn brain and figure it the fuck out!!! You stupid piece of shit! Hike back down the trail!! Christ!!

Godalmighty, are the people in this country so gawdamn stupid they have to post to a social media site to figure what to do?


  1. To answer your last posed question. Yes, they are that stupid.

  2. Fortunately they tend to self exterminate once they loose the cell signal. So, do not despair my friend - just enjoy the show.

  3. Yes, they will self extinguish in 3,2,1...