Saturday, July 10, 2021


 Is it just me, or do the cars of today have no class?

I mean look at them, they all look identical.

As I drive down the road, I can't see a dimes worth of difference between 2 cars of this day and age.

The cars when I grew up? Those cars had class, they had style, they had panache.(Panache means dash or flamboyance in style and in action, had to look it up.) They all may have looked similar to each other, but there were so many differences you could tell a ford from a chevy from a dodge. Those cars were great. I can still tell you what year make and model most cars of that era are.  Not so the cars of today, who even cares anymore?

And fun? Oh baby those were fun to drive. Armstrong steering on all of em! Cars today you have to be a rocket scientist to drive.

How about filling up the gas tank? Cars today gas fillers are mostly on the drivers side, even have a little dingus on the gas gauge showing you where the filler is. What's the fun of that? 
The cars we drove, you sometimes had to hunt for an hour to find the gas tank filler. I remember in Lubbock Tx. I worked with my brother in law at the gas station he managed one summer. Every day almost I would have to ask him to show me a gas tank location. Under the license plate? Nah, under the tail light!

The cars of today require a multithousand dollar scan tool to adequately diagnose one, and sometimes you have to use more than one scantool.

Shoot, on the cars we grew up in, if you were out on saturday night and she wouldn't start, a screwdriver shorted across terminals would get you going. Or get 3 or 4 of your buddies to push you down the street then pop it in gear. Try that with a car these days.


  1. You can thank U.S. government regulations for that. Same reason all Soviet cars looked alike.

    1. Yeah, better gas mileage for the environment.

  2. And ya can't get into those small cookie-cutter pieces of bat gauno. Even new trucks with the damn windshield sloped back into your lap.

    1. Yep once you get in you may never get out. Thats why suvs are made.